Tuesday, May 30, 2006

L'eroe più piccolo...

Copio di seguito una e-mail di una cara amica, Connie, a cui voglio molto bene. Non è una delle solite catene di S. Antonio. Il bambino, Will, è davvero il nipotino di due amici di Connie...

This is not one of my light-hearted zingers. It's a zinger, but a heart-breaker: A 21-month-old little boy, Will Lacey, the grandson of dear friends of mine, Ginny and Mike Gammino, has neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. He and his family are living a nightmare right now, as you can imagine. I am sending this to everyone I know for these reasons: to raise awareness of neuroblastoma, to ask for your prayers for Will--even to put him on a prayer list at your church or temple--and, if you're so inclined, to make a donation in Will's name to the Jimmy Fund at the Dana Farbar Cancer Institute in Boston.

Life isn't fair, but Will is a fighter and a hero. So are his mom, his father, and his family. Below are the links for Will's site and his blog, where Will's parents, Dina and Patrick, give updates on his condition. (Writing about Will helps them a bit as they struggle through their trial.)

And one more request: Please pass this e-mail on to anyone you know who is, or knows of someone, suffering through a life-threatening affliction. It may help them to know they are not alone.



Per chi volesse sapere qualcosa di più sul neuroblastoma, vi rimando al sito dell'Associazione Italiana per la Lotta al Neuroblastoma.

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